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Articles published in 2021

  1. Incidence of Lumpy Skin Disease Virus with its Characterization in Vaccinated Pregnant Holstein cows in Dakahlia Governorate, Egypt
    Samah M Mosad, Nesma Rasheed, Hanaa S Ali, Khaled El-Khabaz A El-Khabaz, Eman A Shosha, Mohamed El-Diasty
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(4): 23-33
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.4.0027

  2. Equine Synovial Fluid Protein Equalization via Combinatorial Peptide Ligand Libraries
    Pablo Fueyo, Marco Galleguillos, Cristóbal Dörner , Pedro Smith , Francisca Godoy , Héctor Adarmes
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(4): 18-22
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.4.0026

  3. Genetic characterization of genotype VII.1.1 Newcastle Disease viruses from commercial and backyard broiler chickens in Egypt
    Abdelmonem A. A. Dewidar, Azza A. A. El-Sawah, Salama A. S. Shany, Al-Hussien M. Dahshan, Ahmed Ali
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(4): 11-17
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.4.0025

  4. The effect of a direct-fed microbial and dietary fat inclusion on performance and energy metabolism in broiler chicks and turkey poults
    Samantha Black, Adam Fahrenholz, Jesse L. Grimes
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(4): 1-10
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.4.0024

  5. The use of mixed light-emitting diodes and natural light in combination with daylength affects turkey hen performance, eye development, and feather coverage
    Brooke Bartz, Jesse L. Grimes
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(3): 67-77
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.3.0023

  6. Hepatic lipidosis in fattening turkeys: a review
    Amr Abd El-Wahab, Bussarakam Chuppava, Dimitri Radko, Christian Visscher
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(3): 48-66
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.3.0022

  7. Alternative Antimicrobials in the Turkey Industry – Challenges and Perspectives
    Ashley A. Gernat, Fernanda B. O. Santos, Jesse L. Grimes
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(3): 37-47
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.3.0018

  8. Considerations in Selecting Turkey Bedding Materials
    Jesse L. Grimes, Mahmoud Sharara, Praveen Kolar
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(3): 28-36
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.3.0017

  9. Infection with the Avian Coronavirus: A recurring problem in turkeys
    Mohamed H. Houta, Olusegun O. Awe , Ahmed Ali
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(3): 19-27
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.3.0016

  10. A case study of histomoniasis in fattening turkeys identified in histopathological investigations
    Amr Abd El-Wahab, Christian Visscher, Wolfram Haider, Radko Dimitri
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(3): 13-18
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.3.0015

  11. Developing probiotics, prebiotics, and organic acids to control Salmonella spp. in commercial turkeys at the University of Arkansas USA
    Guillermo Tellez-Isaias, Christine N. Vuong, Brittany D. Graham, Callie M. Selby, Lucas E. Graham, Roberto Seas-Cuesta, Thaina L. Barros, Lesleigh Beer, Makenly E. Coles, Aaron J. Forga, Jared Ruff, Xochitl Hernanez-Velasco, Billy M. Hargis
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(3): 7-13
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.3.0014

    Awad A Shehata , Dörte Lüschow, Hafez M Hafez
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(3): 1-6
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.3.0013

  13. A review on current knowledge of major zoonotic protozoan diseases affecting farm and pet animals
    Ragab Makhlouf Fereig, Hanan Hassan Abdelbaky, Kousuke Umeda, Thu-Thuy Nguyen, Adela Elsayed Ahmed Mohamed
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(2): 61-76
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.2.0021

  14. Biochemistry and serum amyloid A in a moribund sub-Arctic free-ranging herring gull (Larus argentatus) with necrotic wing fracture
    Svend-Erik Garbus, Pelle Garbus, Thomas Binger Jessen, Astrid Birch Kjaergaard, Christian Sonne
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(2): 56-60
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.2.0020

  15. Avian Mycoplasma gallisepticum and Mycoplasma synoviae; Advances in diagnosis and control
    Abdelrahman A Abdelrahman, Salama A. S. Shany, Mansy A.A. Dardeer, Kareem E Hassan, Ahmed Ali, Magdy F El-Kady
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(2): 46-55
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.2.0019

  16. Experimental study of the efficacy of three inactivated H9N2 influenza vaccine on broiler flocks
    Amal Essalah-Bennani, Yassmina Bidoudan, Asma Fagrach, Hanan Balil, El Khantour Abderrazak, Noursaid Tligui, Saâdia Nassik, Fassi Fihri Ouafaa
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(2): 35-45
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.2.0012

  17. Detection of CTX-M-Type Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase Producing Salmonella Typhimurium in Commercial Poultry Farms in Copperbelt Province, Zambia
    Naomi Kaonga, Abubakar Shaban Hoza, Athumani Msalale Lupindu, Bernard Mudenda Hangombe
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(2): 27-34
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.2.0011

  18. Biological control of nematodes by nematode-trapping fungi Duddingtonia flagrans in naturally infected sheep in southern Brazil
    Luciane Holsback, Helosa Eid Lima, Petrnio Pinheiro Porto, Ellen Souza Marquez, Francielle Gibson da Silva Zacarias, Emlia Paiva Porto
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(2): 17-26
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.2.0010

  19. Brucellosis in Iranian buffalo: Prevalence and diagnostic methods
    Maryam Dadar , Gamal Wareth, Heinrich Neubauer
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(2): 13-16
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.2.0009

  20. In vitro effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Meloxicam and Flunixin Meglumine) and a phytochemical (Harpagoside) on the respiratory burst of porcine polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMNs).
    Giuseppe Marruchella, Francesco Mosca, Jasmine Hattab, Abigail Rosie Trachtmann, Pietro Giorgio Tiscar
    Ger. J. Vet. Res.. 2021; 1(2): 2-8
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.51585/gjvr.2021.2.0008

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